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Print Competition Month

Can it get any better?

Did you know that IPPA members had 33 general and 22 loan prints in the latest IPC International Competition in Atlanta? That's amazing for an organization of our size. At the awards ceremony in January we will have 8 Photographer of the Year Medalists! In honor of these outstanding accomplishments and to promote the spirit of competition and camaraderie we are giving you half price print competition and program for the upcoming event on August 21st and 22nd. Pay the $100 print competition fee and get the Monday program free or pay the $100 program registration and your print case is free. This offer is only valid for the next 7 days or until August 17th

We have also heard that many of you have kids going back to school on Monday the 22nd so we will have a modified schedule to help accommodate those who need to be there for your children. Monday we will start with PPA President Lori Craft at 10:00am to 11:50am. See program description below. From 11:50 to noon we will have our annual business meeting and board elections. Noon to 1:00 lunch will be provided and then from 1:00pm to 3:00pm we will hear from SWPPA Photographer of the Year Kimberly Smith. You are welcome to leave at this point but if you can stay we will have an additional surprise activity from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Make sure you all come back at6:00pm for the big event of the year, the IPPA Awards Banquet where we find out who gets all those beautiful trophies. 

Good luck everybody and see you on August 21st at the Southtown Expo Center.

For more info and to register go to http://intermountainppa.org

Dennis D. Craft, M. Photog, Cr, PPA Certified, F-ASP

Lori L. Craft, Craftsman

PPA President, 2016-2017

Operating an Intentional Portrait Studio

Dennis and Lori Craft have run a portrait studio in “small town America” since 1979. It didn’t just happen by accident. They been intentional in building their portrait studio from the very beginning.

What does it take to operate a successful, full scale portrait studio?

Three keys to a successful portrait studio:

 Photography

 Marketing

 Sales

The Craft’s have worked intentionally on all three of these key areas. You can’t have one, without the other! They will share some of their successes, and struggles with each of these three topics.

Dennis and Lori will share how they have worked together to keep growing their studio through all of the changes in the industry. As PPA President, Lori will also incorporate the benefits of being a member of PPA and how these benefits can help educate, grow your business, and create a network of photographers and community to push you to excellence.

Kimberly J. Smith, M. Photog, M. Artist, Cr, CPP

The Artist Within

I believe everyone has an artist inside them, waiting to come out. As photographers, we create art that is so meaningful and will touch the lives and hearts of so many for generations to come. Some photographers create their work very traditional, some are very modern, and some are very artistic. I believe the best works I have seen, contain a little of all three.

Mindset is the key. Sometimes we are so focused on the technical aspect, that we forget to add in the artistic, the personal, the emotion. Don't get me wrong... Technical is mandatory. We must know our craft and be confident in what we do so that we can be free to add in the rest.

Some of us, myself included, are off the charts right brained. We live in the creative, fun, fly by the seat of your pants mindset. While others are more left brained... you like rules, you read the camera manual, you are beyond organized and have to have a plan. Of course there are those of you who seem to have it all together and are a good mixture of both. One isn't necessarily better than the other, just different.

In this class we will discuss how to become more artistic, how to see things from a different view. We will learn different ways to get your creativity going and where to look for inspiration beyond photography.

Join me and learn how to bring to light, your artist within.


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