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Coming Soon - Travis Gadsby - May 8

Travis Gadsby doesn’t just do High School Senior photography – he does it with oomph!  Specializing in senior portraits with impact, Travis and his team put a lot of time and effort into developing new products, new backdrops and marketing campaigns that consistently make the senior market take notice.  

Travis started in the industry 23 years ago, and having worked his way up from the bottom, he knows how to stay on the cutting edge. Travis’s style of teaching concentrates on the individual needs of his students, so he loves to spend time talking with other photographers to better understand the complex problems of today’s studios.  

Travis Gadsby knows how to weather any storm the industry can serve up.


Building Steam – Getting noticed – Becoming the GoTo studio in your area In the world of Professional Photography, it is increasingly important for photographers to define their “why” and market it effectively to their clients. In a highly competitive field, understanding your market and targeting your ideal clients is critical for the survival of your studio.

This program focuses on defining your strengths and playing to them while understanding the challenges in your area and devising ways to overcome them. We will talk about finding a style that gets noticed and educating your clients as to why they should choose your studio over others.
In the course of this program, we will discuss marketing, branding, developing a style and incorporate some live shooting to discuss dramatic lighting and defining the difference between images that sell and images that build desire and brand identity.

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