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IPPA 2018

January 29th IPPA Winter Quarterly.

We just had an amazing Winter Quarterly event with Mary Fisk-Taylor and Jamie Hayes. The business and lighting information they presented was invaluable for all photographers at any level. 

Make sure to check out our upcoming events on this page and get registered. Save with early bird discounts and earn IPPA merits for attending any event.

Upcoming programs at the 2018 IPPA Retreat

The 12 elements of competition as applied to everyday work

Dennis Hammon and Cheri Hammon

Professional Photographers of America has designed the 12 elements of competition.  These elements were designed by Gerhard Bakker a working professional for competition, but if applied will improve your daily photographic work.

Dennis Hammon , M. Photog. Cr. Cpp. F-PPI, F-IPPA, F-ASP and Cheri  Hammon, M. Photog. Cr. M. Artist, MEI, CPP are no strangers to the photographic competition world. With several hundred PPA print merits between them and numerous Loan images, they have found and used the 12 elements in their competition images as well as daily work.

During our time together in this workshop, we will discuss the 12 elements and how they apply to us and our work.  We will also discuss our responsibilities as those who enter print competition and how to make this process work for us.

Using the 12 elements of print competition is an exercise for each session we do, but how many times as we watch judging, we are ‘arm chair judges’ always second guessing the judges and their scores?  What did they see that brought the score down? Why can’t they see how difficult it was to do that session/photograph? Dang judges, if they only knew what I was going through when I photographed that session.  Print completion is an exhausting process.  From mentally challenging to picking the images, culling them down to decide which one’s we’ll use, retouching them and having them printed. It is a process that Dennis and Cheri will show some of their techniques and ways of selecting and preparing images for competition.

De-mystifying Print competition

With Dennis and Cheri Hammon

Print competition can be your best friend for advancing your photographic skills. Challenging you to create new and exciting work, with enhanced technical skills and as a creative outlet it can be a way to gage your work and how you are advancing.

The rules and direction of photographic competition can be challenging and misunderstood, so this is where Dennis Hammon with his wife Cheri steps in.  Dennis with over 25 years as a PPA approved juror, and having judged images from Mexico and Canada and Europe as well, he is ­ well versed in the challenges of preparing images for Photographic competition. 

During the workshop, Dennis will lead you and help you understand the 12 elements that judging is based on. Open and frank discussion about rules and what is expected from both you as image maker and the judges will be covered.

You’ll be able to bring images and you’ll have the opportunity to step in as a judge and view and critique images of others.

Leave your egos at home, bring your open minds and images to review and be judged. Learn what it is like to sit in ‘the hot seat’ and realize there is more than just putting a score on an image.

More about Dennis Hammon


Todd will help you out of your rut and help you understand what it takes to run a profitable Photography Business  

It takes more then a camera to be a photographer and run a business.

If you are just starting out or have been in business for years this is the class for you.

Todd will help you get out of the rut and jump start your studio to success.

With small town big sales photographer Todd Hicken, gain insights on 

how to take control of your business, first by identifying your biggest 

competition (the truth will surprise you), and then how to price 

yourself for your market. Todd will also discuss his formula for success,

and its not just a an idea, it is the perfect recipe that took his studio

from zero to profit in less then two years.

This is a session you don’t want to miss! 

Todd Royal Hicken 


Todd is the owner and photographer of Impact Photography, located in Heber, Utah with a single sale 

Average of $5,000 and record of $52,000. 

Over the years, Todd has earned his Craftsman, Masters degree and several Photographer of the Year and Best of Show awards, 12 Kodak Gallery and 15 Fuji Masterpiece awards along with ten PPA loan prints to date. Todd isn’t afraid of trying new things and seems to be on an edge of his own. So join Todd in what will be a fascinating session and let some of his enthusiasm and wisdom rub off on you!                      

Impact Photography

75 South Main Street

Heber City, Utah 84032




Sit! Stay! Smile!  Get the opportunity to watch and photograph a dog session from beginning to end. Begin with the initial consultation, that all-important “meet and greet” with your canine clients. Discover how to make both humans and dogs comfortable while they get familiar with you and your studio. Also covered is camera and lens selections, lighting, background and props as you learn what to use and when. Explore how to photograph dogs for their people and for print competition.  Before you're done, you'll also discuss in person sales, products, pricing, marketing, and the post processing of images. 


Jen has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since January 2015. She entered the industry in September of 2012 and opened her studio, Jen Hargrove Photography, in Big Piney, Wyoming in November 2015.  Jen specializes in high school seniors, children and pet (mostly dog) photography. 

She obtained her CPP in July 2016 becoming one of eight CPP’s in the state of Wyoming and is two merits shy of her Master of Photography degree and is currently working towards her 

Craftsman degree through the PPA.  She is also a member of multiple PPA affilaites including, Intermountain PPA, Colorado PPA,  PhotoPro Network (Kentucky), Texas PPA, North Carolina PPA and South Carolina PPA. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Intermountain PPA and Colorada PPA.

Jen strongly believes in the importance of continuing education and the role print competition has along with education in growing and evolving as a photographer, as well as a business owner. She also believes that all photographers have a 

responsiblity to help educate other photographers as well as 



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