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Fellowship Program 

Purpose of the Associate/Fellow Degrees 

The purpose of the Associate/Fellow program of the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association is to encourage participation and strengthen the leadership within the organization. It is was created to recognize those who have served IPPA, attended events, or entered the IPPA Print competitions. The Fellowship Award has two stages. The first stage is the Associate Fellowship Award which requires 50 points and is recognized with a gold medallion and a green ribbon. The second stage is the Full Fellowship Award. It requires an additional 50 points, which makes a total of 100 points, for the Full Fellowship Award. It is recognized with a Gold medallion and a green and yellow ribbon. To claim these points, you must fill out a form and submit it to the Fellowship Degree Chairperson for verification and documentation. There are many ways of earning Fellowship points listed in this brochure. Some of these include participating in the IPPA Print Competition, writing articles for our website, attending our events, and serving as a board member or on the executive board. Please include the date and related info that you are claiming points for. Points are not documented on your personal records file unless you submit the required form listing your service or participation. The Fellowship point form is on our website and may be downloaded and printed from the website, www.intermountainppa.org. You may also submit your points online at our website. The deadline for filing your points each year is 30 days before the annual awards banquet. 

Program Administration 

The administration and maintenance of the Fellowship Award program shall be managed and recorded by the Fellowship Degree Chairperson and committee. All points submitted shall be verified from historical records of the IPPA or any supporting documentation provided with the submission. Any claims or discrepancies that cannot be verified, will be submitted to and resolved by the IPPA Executive Committee. The Chairpersons of IPPA events should submit any qualified committee members within 30 days of the end of their event. Accumulated merits and degree status will be reflected on the IPPA website member profile. All merit requests must be submitted within one year of being earned to be valid. On the http://intermountainppa.org website under the degrees tab you will find a form for submitting merit request. All requests must be made online. Email adilfa@donpolo.com if you have questions. There is no charge for the medallion and ribbon. A plaque may be ordered for an additional $65. 

Program Reboot 

The 2017 revisions include major changes to the Associate/Fellowship program. We have increased the merits required for degrees but also added many additional ways of earning merits. Normally the deadline for submitting merits is one year from the date the merits were earned. For this first phase of the reboot however we will accept merit requests going back to Jan. 1, 2015. If you know that you earned merits for events attended, service on a committee, or print competition you may still submit those merits up to December 31st, 2017. After that date the one year rule will apply from that point on. 

Requirements (Updated 2017)

IPPA Associate Degree 

• Member must earn a total of 50 merits
• At least 25 of the merits must be earned by service to the IPPA. 

IPPA Fellow Degree 

• Member must earn an additional 50 merits. (total of 100 merits)
• At least 50 of the merits must be earned by service to the IPPA 

IPPA Pins 

• Member must earn an additional 50 merits after earning their fellow degree.
• At least 25 of the additional merits must be earned by service to the IPPA 

Print Merits (maximum of 10 print merits allowed per year) 

• Prints accepted for exhibition in the IPPA Annual Photographic Exhibition with a score of 74 or above 1 print merit
• Prints with a score of 80 or higher: 2 print merits
• Prints entered in the IPPA mini print competition with a score of 78 or above 1 print merit 

Service Merits 

• PPA National Council 1 service merit
• Current PPA Member 1 service merit
• Attend Imaging USA or 3 days or more PPA affiliate school 1 service merit
• Attend the IPPA Annual Convention 2 service merits
• Attend an IPPA Quarterly or Mentor Program 1 service merit
• IPPA President, Annual Convention Chair 5 service merits
• IPPA Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Print Chair 2 service merits
• IPPA Board Member (per year, 10 meetings) 2 service merits
• Serve as an IPPA mentor 2 service merits
• Quarterly Chairperson 1 service merit
• Program for IPPA (1.5 hours or more) 2 service merits
• Program for IPPA (less than 1.5 hours) 1 service merit
• Judge at IPPA Annual or Quarterly 1 service merit
• Write an article for the IPPA website or newsletter 1 service merit
• Outside speaking and judging not eligible for IPPA merits
• IPPA Committee Member 1 service merit 5 hours or more time commitment. Merit awarded at discretion of committee chairperson. 

Application Deadline Applications may be submitted to Adilfa Ford, Fellowship Chairman, at least 30 days before the annual awards banquet. Applications received after that date will be processed for the following year

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